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Elder's Camlann Mace (T8)

Elder's Camlann Mace

NameDrop Chance (%)Kill / Drop
Titan of the First Age0.01%17420
Titan of the Fifth Age0.01%17420
Titan of the Seventh Age0.01%17420
Titan of the Eighth Age0.01%17420
Titan of the Ninth Age0.01%17420
Titan of the Eleventh Age0.01%17420
Titan of the Twelfth Age0.01%17420
Titan of the Fourteenth Age0.01%17420
Avalonian Treasure Drone0%35659
Colossus of the First Age0%52260
Colossus of the Fifth Age0%52260
Colossus of the Seventh Age0%52260
Colossus of the Eighth Age0%52260
Colossus of the Ninth Age0%52260
Colossus of the Eleventh Age0%52260
Colossus of the Twelfth Age0%52260
Colossus of the Fourteenth Age0%52260
Avalonian Treasure Drone0%72654
Elite Zealous Chosen0%83169
Prince of Morgana0%83169
Elite Condemned General0%83169
Harvester of Souls0%83169
Elite Bonecrusher Elder0%83169
Great Mother of the Earthkeeper0%83169
Avalonian Construct0%83169
Avalonian High Priestess0%83169
Avalonian Treasure Drone0%95094
Veteran Vicious Overlord0%123089
Vicious Overlord0%123089
Crystal Spider0%132117
Avalonian Treasure Drone0%133381
Commander of the Guard0%187355
Master Of Suppression0%187355
Mistress of Demons0%187355
Chosen of Morgana0%187355
Avalonian Treasure Drone0%193747
Elite Condemned Necromancer0%220031
Elite Condemned General0%220031
Elite Condemned Harvester0%220031
Crystal Spider0%264228
Pathfinder Centurion0%266567
Pathfinder Great Mage0%266567
Pathfinder Ascetic0%266567
Avalonian Treasure Drone0%285280
Vile Demonic Chest0%307721
Avalonian Treasure Drone0%355691
Forgotten Champion0%495663
Dread Lord0%495663
Nameless Hero0%495663
Master Cryomancer0%495663
Crystal Spider0%528442
Elite Obsessed Prioress0%562017
Elite Obsessed Honoured0%562017
Elite Obsessed Demon Prince0%562017
Avalonian Construct0%562017
Avalonian High Priestess0%562017
Avalonian Treasure Drone0%581241
Elite Zealous Enforcer0%693072
Elite Zealous Marksman0%693072
Elite Zealous Aspirant0%693072
Elite Zealous Champion0%693072
Elite Doomed Swordmaster0%693072
Elite Doomed Deathmaster0%693072
Elite Earthkeeper Brave0%693072
Elite Earthkeeper Axemaiden0%693072
Elite Earthkeeper Sage0%693072
Elite Earthkeeper Greybeard0%693072
Veteran Doomed Chest0%769939
Veteran Bonecrusher Chest0%769939
Veteran Zealous Chest0%769939
Guard Lieutenant0%937681
Suppression Squad Leader0%937681
Ritual Leader0%937681
Avalonian Treasure Drone0%1067073
Avalonian Treasure Drone0%1130026
Commander of the Guard0%1266058
Master Of Suppression0%1266058
Mistress of Demons0%1266058
Chosen of Morgana0%1266058
Veteran Mad Shadowmask0%1801333
Veteran Rockgrinder Elder0%1801333
Veteran Haunted Deathlord0%1801333
Veteran Haunted Governor0%1801333
Veteran Obsessed Tormentor0%1801333
Veteran Obsessed Raven0%1801333
Veteran Mad Chops0%1801333
Veteran Mad Weaponsmaster0%1801333
Veteran Rockgrinder Chieftain0%1801333
Veteran Rockgrinder Elder0%1801333
Veteran Haunted Deathlord0%1801333
Veteran Haunted Ghast0%1801333
Veteran Haunted Governor0%1801333
Veteran Obsessed Tormentor0%1801333
Veteran Obsessed Raven0%1801333
Pathfinder Centurion0%1801333
Pathfinder Great Mage0%1801333
Pathfinder Ascetic0%1801333
Elite Condemned Swordmaster0%1833591
Elite Condemned Sharpshooter0%1833591
Elite Condemned Deathmaster0%1833591

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