Adept's Great Cursed Staff (T4)

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Item Value448
Crafting Fame480
Max Quality Level5
Ability Power120
Slot Typemainhand
Attack Typemagic
Attack Damage23
Attach Range9
Two Handedtrue
Active Spell Slots3
Passive Spell Slots1
Item Power700



Vile Curse

Places Vile Curse on the target, dealing -16.94 damage every two seconds (stacks up to 4 times). Energy Cost: 4 Cast time: Instant Range: 9 Cooldown: 2

Cursed Sickle

Creates a demonic sickle, which flies to your position. It applies a Vile Curse on any enemy it hits on the way. The curse deals -16.94 damage every two seconds (stacks up to 4 times). Energy Cost: 7 Cast time: Instant Range: 13 Cooldown: 3.5


Armor Piercer

A demonic beam shoots out in a straight line. All enemies hit take -77.11 damage, and have their Armor and Magic Resist reduced by -0.15 for 8. Energy Cost: 11. Cast Time: instant Range: 22. Cooldown: 15

Cursed Beam

Deals null damage up to null times to an enemy. Energy Cost: 10 Cast time: channeled Range: 11 Cooldown: 10


Creates a desecrating wave that roots all enemies in a 4m radius for 2.60 and applies a Vile Curse to them. Energy Cost: 12 Cast time: instant Range: 13 Cooldown: 15


Area of Decay

The caster creates an area of decay. Enemies inside will have all their Heal-over-Time effects removed, and will have Vile Curse reapplied repeatedly. The longer they stay in this area, the more the curse can stack up. Energy Cost: 17 Cast time: channeled Range: 15 Cooldown: 25



Every 4 normal attacks, you cause a demonic explosion on the enemy, dealing an additional -23.71 magic damage in a 5 radius.


Every normal attack, you restore 1.24 energy.


Every 5 activated spells, all your damage gets increased by 0.1 for 4.