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Elder's Carrioncaller (T8)

Elder's Carrioncaller

NameDrop Chance (%)Kill / Drop
Avalonian Treasure Drone0.05%2032
Avalonian Treasure Drone0.02%4140
Elite Zealous Chosen0.02%4739
Prince of Morgana0.02%4739
Elite Condemned General0.02%4739
Harvester of Souls0.02%4739
Elite Bonecrusher Elder0.02%4739
Great Mother of the Earthkeeper0.02%4739
Avalonian Construct0.02%4739
Avalonian High Priestess0.02%4739
Avalonian Treasure Drone0.02%5419
Veteran Vicious Overlord0.01%7014
Vicious Overlord0.01%7014
Crystal Spider0.01%7529
Avalonian Treasure Drone0.01%7601
Scout Conduit Drone0.01%11040
Elite Condemned Necromancer0.01%12538
Elite Condemned General0.01%12538
Elite Condemned Harvester0.01%12538
Crystal Spider0.01%15056
Veteran Zealous Captain0.01%15190
Veteran Zealous Prioress0.01%15190
Veteran Zealous Chosen0.01%15190
Veteran Zealous Tormentor0.01%15190
Pathfinder Centurion0.01%15190
Pathfinder Great Mage0.01%15190
Pathfinder Ascetic0.01%15190
Avalonian Treasure Drone0.01%16256
Vile Demonic Chest0.01%17535
Avalonian Treasure Drone0%20268
Veteran Doomed Chest0%27877
Veteran Bonecrusher Chest0%27877
Veteran Zealous Chest0%27877
Crystal Spider0%30111
Elite Obsessed Prioress0%32024
Elite Obsessed Honoured0%32024
Elite Obsessed Demon Prince0%32024
Avalonian Construct0%32024
Avalonian High Priestess0%32024
Avalonian Treasure Drone0%33120
Elite Zealous Enforcer0%39492
Elite Zealous Marksman0%39492
Elite Zealous Aspirant0%39492
Elite Zealous Champion0%39492
Elite Doomed Swordmaster0%39492
Elite Doomed Deathmaster0%39492
Elite Earthkeeper Brave0%39492
Elite Earthkeeper Axemaiden0%39492
Elite Earthkeeper Sage0%39492
Elite Earthkeeper Greybeard0%39492
Veteran Condemned Paragon0%40185
Veteran Condemned Deadeye0%40185
Veteran Condemned Deathlord0%40185
Condemned Necromancer0%40185
Condemned Governor0%40185
Veteran Condemned General0%40185
Avalonian Treasure Drone0%60803
Avalonian Treasure Drone0%64390
Veteran Condemned Chest0%73750
Veteran Zealous Enforcer0%80322
Veteran Zealous Marksman0%80322
Veteran Zealous Aspirant0%80322
Veteran Zealous Champion0%80322
Veteran Obsessed Captain0%102641
Veteran Obsessed Prioress0%102641
Veteran Obsessed Chosen0%102641
Veteran Obsessed Tormentor0%102641
Pathfinder Centurion0%102641
Pathfinder Great Mage0%102641
Pathfinder Ascetic0%102641
Elite Condemned Swordmaster0%104479
Elite Condemned Sharpshooter0%104479
Elite Condemned Deathmaster0%104479
Avalonian Focus0%105060
Avalonian Assembler0%105060
Avalonian Warrior0%105060
Avalonian Knight0%105060
Avalonian Archer0%105060
Avalonian Spearman0%105060
Avalonian Monk0%105060
Avalonian Spellweaver0%105060
Avalonian Wizard0%105060
Avalonian Acolyte0%105060
Avalonian Priestess0%105060
Avalonian Winged Guard0%105060
Zealous Commander0%118475
Zealous Captain0%118475
Zealous Prioress0%118475
Zealous Chosen0%118475
Zealous Tormentor0%118475
Doomed Sarcophagus0%126374
Avalonian Treasure Drone0%131190
Veteran Mad Shadowmask0%133434
Veteran Rockgrinder Elder0%133434
Veteran Haunted Deathlord0%133434
Veteran Haunted Governor0%133434
Veteran Obsessed Tormentor0%133434
Veteran Obsessed Raven0%133434
Veteran Mad Chops0%133434
Veteran Mad Weaponsmaster0%133434

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