Master's Quarterstaff (T6)

Equipment Item

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Item Value1,984
Crafting Fame5,760
Max Quality Level5
Ability Power126
Slot Typemainhand
Attack Typemelee
Attack Damage41
Two Handedtrue
Attach Range3
Active Spell Slots3
Passive Spell Slots1
Attach Damage Time Factor1.5
Max HP150
Item Power900
HP Regen0.15
Focus Fire Protection Penetration0.3



Concussive Blow

You deal -77.81 to the target, and slow him slightly for a few seconds. This effect stacks up, and after collecting the third charge you'll stun the target while consuming all charges. Energy Cost: 3 Cast time: instant Range: melee Cooldown: 3


Cartwheel forward dealing -66.69 damage to all enemies hit, knocking them back a short distance and interrupting spell casts. If you take damage during the cartwheel, your move speed is increased by 0.3, and your resistances by 0.2, for 5. Energy Cost: 5 Cast time: 0 Range: 8 Cooldown: 7


Empowered Slam

Deals -136.98 null damage in a null radius. Energy Cost: 9 Cast time: instant Range: melee Cooldown: 7

Stun Run

Increases your move speed by 0.30 for 5, and your next auto attack will stun the enemy for 2.11. Energy Cost: 14 Cast time: instant Range: self Cooldown: 15

Heavy Cleave

Unleashes a heavy attack that deals -271.95 damage to all enemies in front of you. Energy Cost: 10 Cast time: 1 Range: melee Cooldown: 15

Forceful Swing

Hits enemies in a 6 radius around the caster, knocking them 4.26 away, reduces their damage by -0.20 and numbs their arms. Numbed Arms Effect: Against players: Unable to do Normal Attacks for 8 Against mobs: Normal Attack speed is reduced by -0.50 for 8 Energy Cost: 16 Cast time: instant Range: self Cooldown: 15



Directly attacks a single enemy, who becomes rooted for 3.83 and takes -149.18 physical damage. Any other enemies in a 5 radius will be knocked in the air for 0.90. Energy Cost: 17 Cast time: instant Range: 3 Cooldown: 20


Stunning Strike

Every 5 normal attacks, your attack stuns the enemy for 0.43.


Every normal attack, you restore 1.24 energy.

Life Leech

Every normal attack, you restore 4.17 health.

Dreadladen Fighting

Every 4 normal attacks, your Crowd Control effects are increased by 0.35 for 2.