Master's Glacial Staff (T6)

Equipment Item

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Item Value1,984
Crafting Fame5,760
Max Quality Level5
Ability Power120
Slot Typemainhand
Attack Typemagic
Attack Damage23
Attach Range9
Two Handedtrue
Active Spell Slots3
Passive Spell Slots1
Item Power900




A spell that deals -87.52 Magical damage, and slows the enemy's move speed by -0.25 for 3. Energy Cost: 4 Cast Time: 1 Range: 11 Cooldown: none


A spell that deals -103.41 null damage in a null meter radius. Energy Cost: 5 Cast time: 1.5 Range: 11 Cooldown: 0


Frost Bomb

Places an explosive frost bomb which will detonate shortly after impact, dealing -166.10 Magical damage in a 5 radius, and reducing the move speed of every affected enemy by -0.20 for 5. Energy Cost: 10 Cast time: instant Range: 11 Cooldown: 10

Frost Nova

Teleports the caster to a ground position and leaves a Frost Nova behind on the ground. The Frost Nova immediately detonates in a 5m, dealing -85.80 magic damage and freezing for 1.26. Frozen enemies can't move or attack. Energy Cost: 12 Cast time: instant Range: 11 Cooldown: 20

Frost Beam

Channel a frost beam that slowly freezes an enemy and targets around him, dealing null damage per hit, and reducing movement speed by -0.15 and normal attack speed by -0.15 per hit. (Stacks up to 5 times.) Energy Cost: 13 Cast Time: channeled Range: 12 Cooldown: 15


Creates three areas in a row in front of you, each dealing -93.60 magic damage. Energy Cost: 8 Cast time: instant Range: 16 Cooldown: 8


Ice Storm

Creates an Ice Storm which moves slowly away from the caster. Enemies caught in the Ice Storm take damage every 0.5, and are slowed by -0.15. (Stacks up to 3 times.) Mobs suffer -16.70 damage per second. Players take -35.00 damage per second. (This damage can't be reflected.) Energy Cost: 23 Cast time: 1.5 Range: 5 Cooldown: 30



Every 3 normal attacks, your attack will root the enemy for 0.86.


Every normal attack, you restore 1.24 energy.

Aggressive Caster

Every 4 activated spells, you gain a cast speed buff of 0.4 for 3.


Every 5 activated spells, all your damage gets increased by 0.1 for 4.