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Adept's Judicator Armor (T4)

Adept's Judicator Armor




Incoming damage is reduced by 0.05


0.1 increased CC duration.


Increases your resistance to movement-impairing effects by 0.2.


Spirit Crush

Normal attacks apply a debuff on mobs, which reduces max health by -0.12. (This effect cannot be stacked, and has no effect against players.)

Protective Instinct

Increases Threat Generation by null


Mend Wounds

This ability can only be used outside of combat. Regenerate 0.06 Health and 0.05 Energy per second. This channel lasts up to null seconds. Energy Cost: 0 Cast time: channeled Range: self Cooldown: 30


Against Creatures: Puts you at the top of the target's aggro list. Against Enemy Players: Increases your damage by 0.10, but also reduces your resistances by -0.10 for 3. Energy Cost: 9 Cast time: instant Range: 11 Cooldown: 10

Force Shield

Creates a Force Shield on the ground. It increases resistances by 0.25 and healing received by 0.30 for up to 10 allies. The shield has a 7m radius and lasts for 8s. Energy Cost: 8 Cast time: instant Range: self Cooldown: 50