GvG Matches — Albion Online Scoreboard

Top Upcoming GvG Matches

Date, UTCAttackerDefenderTerritoryCluster
23.08.19 16:00Blue ArmyVicti omnesArmboth Fell ShawArmboth Fell
23.08.19 20:00Money GuildAW GamingThornbush Mire WykeThornbush Mire
24.08.19 01:00Money GuildAW GamingGrasping Marsh BurnGrasping Marsh

Recent GvG Matches

Date, UTCAttackerAttacker ScoreDefenderDefender ScoreTerritoryCluster
23.08.19 04:30Echo Of Red Army150June0Longbarrow Well BurnLongbarrow Well
23.08.19 04:00Guerreros150June0Bredlow Knoll WealdBredlow Knoll
23.08.19 04:00June0Echo Of Red Army150Longbarrow Well TorLongbarrow Well
23.08.19 04:00Guerreros150June0Tussock Knoll BurnTussock Knoll
23.08.19 04:00Money Guild119June0Deathmarch Expanse CoombeDeathmarch Expanse
23.08.19 04:001pg0June150Edgerock Sink FirthEdgerock Sink
23.08.19 02:00Money Guild110Fricks0Birken Fell ThorpeBirken Fell
23.08.19 01:001pg0June142Diabhal Chasm CoombeDiabhal Chasm
23.08.19 01:00U12 ACADEMY77ERROR 4O40Pen Umlon BurnPen Umlon
23.08.19 01:00Fricks150Money Guild0Birken Fell ThorpeBirken Fell
23.08.19 01:00Reborn Gaming0Mad And Bad150Ashwood WealdAshwood
23.08.19 01:00Guerreros0Vastly Superior147Eyrie Tor FossEyrie Tor
23.08.19 01:00This Guild Seems Good96Ironborn0Creag Uchag StrathCreag Uchag
23.08.19 01:00Money Guild148Agresor0Flesheater Morass SpinneyFlesheater Morass
23.08.19 01:00AW Gaming0Money Guild149Creag Morr CragCreag Morr
23.08.19 01:00Money Guild27June0Bootsuck Fen BurnBootsuck Fen
23.08.19 01:001pg150June0Hardstone Quarry TorHardstone Quarry
23.08.19 01:00Ironborn0Exertion139Creag Garr MeadowCreag Garr
23.08.19 01:001pg0June101Triproot Grove GlenTriproot Grove
22.08.19 22:00LaunchPad150ZORN0Ashburn Quarry MereAshburn Quarry
22.08.19 21:30Agresor150Say My Metatrone0Sidbury Hill ThorpeSidbury Hill
22.08.19 21:00LaunchPad139ZORN0Blencathra GrangeBlencathra
22.08.19 21:00Say My Metatrone0Agresor122Sidbury Hill FossSidbury Hill
22.08.19 21:00S0 Salty85N1GHTMARE0Slickhag SteadSlickhag
22.08.19 21:00ERROR 4O4142S0 Salty0Mudshore Fen CommonMudshore Fen
22.08.19 20:30ERROR 4O40LaunchPad150Cleft Pound TorCleft Pound
22.08.19 20:30ZORN142LaunchPad0Ashburn Quarry MereAshburn Quarry
22.08.19 20:30ERROR 4O4123L Equipage des Mugiwara0Heronvale Mound HytheHeronvale Mound
22.08.19 20:00S0 Salty78ERROR 4O40Mudshore Fen CommonMudshore Fen
22.08.19 20:00S0 Salty0ERROR 4O4145Logjam Fen SpinneyLogjam Fen
22.08.19 20:00June150Black 0rder0Horn Grove PoundHorn Grove
22.08.19 20:00ZORN0LaunchPad96Ashburn Quarry MereAshburn Quarry
22.08.19 20:00N1GHTMARE150S0 Salty0Slickhag SteadSlickhag
22.08.19 20:00June150Hard CHARGE0Greentwig Grove DouneGreentwig Grove
22.08.19 20:00L Equipage des Mugiwara0ERROR 4O4129Bitternsboom Fen TorBitternsboom Fen
22.08.19 20:00LaunchPad150S0 Salty0Cleft Pound TorCleft Pound
22.08.19 20:00BlackOut149M O N K E Y S0Searing Steppe FossSearing Steppe
22.08.19 20:00Vastly Superior0Ellares113Longbranch Forest PoundLongbranch Forest
22.08.19 20:00LaunchPad0ZORN118Blencathra GrangeBlencathra
22.08.19 20:00Agresor52Say My Metatrone0Sidbury Hill FossSidbury Hill
22.08.19 20:00SYN3RGY0Money Guild91Wyre Forest MereWyre Forest
22.08.19 16:00Russian Diaspora0June150Sunbaked Expanse ShawSunbaked Expanse
22.08.19 04:30Guerreros51TERROR0Brookrun Pound FossBrookrun Pound
22.08.19 04:00June0Guerreros55Leechsuck Fen StrathLeechsuck Fen
22.08.19 04:001pg150Money Guild0Gangrene Sump WykeGangrene Sump
22.08.19 04:00TERROR0Guerreros121Tussock Knoll CoombeTussock Knoll
22.08.19 02:30Eikonic0Bunch of Rats6Bonepool Marsh BeckBonepool Marsh
22.08.19 02:00Bunch of Rats0Eikonic129Wispwhisper Marsh FirthWispwhisper Marsh
22.08.19 01:30Tea Party0Exertion150Creag Garr MeadowCreag Garr
22.08.19 01:00June148McD0nalds0Dun Barr CragDun Barr