Trial Keys for Albion Online

Albion Online is free to play since April 10th 2019, therefore no more Trial Keys are available.


What's a Trial Key?

The Trial Key allows you to play the game for 7 days. To continue playing after that, you will need one of the Starter Packs.


How do I get a Trial Key?

Trial Keys can be purchased in the game, so the only way to receive one is to get it from another player.


How do I redeem a Trial Key?

First download Albion Online, install it, create an account and log into the game. Then click on the 'Redeem Code' button and enter your Trial Key code.


Is my account limited during the Trial period?

You are unable to interact with the gold:silver player exchange market, you cannot buy premium and you cannot progress beyond Tier 4. But once you upgrade your account, all these features will be unlocked.


How do I buy a Trial Key?

Once in the game, go to Settings > Invite Friends