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Elder's Mercenary Hood (T8)

Equipment Item




Slow enemies in a cone in front of you by -0.3, while also slowing their attack speed by -0.15 for 8. Deals -20.48 magical damage to each enemy hit. Energy Cost: 0 Cast time: instant Range: 10m Cooldown: 30

Energy Regain

A channeled spell that replenishes Energy greatly. Energy Cost: 0 Cast time: channeled Range: self Cooldown: 30


Removes all debuffs and movement-impairing effects on you, and allies in close proximity. (Doesn't remove damage over time spells.) Energy Cost: 0 Cast time: instant Range: self Cooldown: 20

Balanced Mind

Increases your damage and heal power by 0.015, and incoming damage is reduced by 0.01.


Attack speed increased by 0.06.

Quick Thinker

All cooldown times reduced by 0.025