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Grandmaster's Soldier Boots (T7)

Grandmaster's Soldier Boots

NameDrop Chance (%)Kill / Drop
Avalonian Treasure Drone2.59%39
Avalonian Treasure Drone1.7%59
Veteran Vicious Overlord1.01%99
Vicious Overlord1.01%99
Avalonian Treasure Drone0.97%103
Avalonian Treasure Drone0.92%109
Elite Zealous Chosen0.74%136
Prince of Morgana0.74%136
Elite Condemned General0.74%136
Harvester of Souls0.74%136
Elite Bonecrusher Elder0.74%136
Great Mother of the Earthkeeper0.74%136
Avalonian Construct0.74%136
Avalonian High Priestess0.74%136
Crystal Spider0.7%143
Scout Conduit Drone0.64%158
Elite Condemned Necromancer0.56%179
Elite Condemned General0.56%179
Elite Condemned Harvester0.56%179
Crystal Spider0.47%215
Vile Demonic Chest0.41%247
Avalonian Treasure Drone0.4%251
Avalonian Treasure Drone0.35%289
Avalonian Treasure Drone0.32%309
Crystal Spider0.23%429
Veteran Zealous Captain0.23%433
Veteran Zealous Prioress0.23%433
Veteran Zealous Chosen0.23%433
Veteran Zealous Tormentor0.23%433
Pathfinder Centurion0.23%433
Pathfinder Great Mage0.23%433
Pathfinder Ascetic0.23%433
Elite Obsessed Prioress0.22%457
Elite Obsessed Honoured0.22%457
Elite Obsessed Demon Prince0.22%457
Avalonian Construct0.22%457
Avalonian High Priestess0.22%457
Avalonian Treasure Drone0.21%472
Veteran Condemned Paragon0.17%573
Veteran Condemned Deadeye0.17%573
Veteran Condemned Deathlord0.17%573
Condemned Necromancer0.17%573
Condemned Governor0.17%573
Veteran Condemned General0.17%573
Avalonian Treasure Drone0.15%670
Veteran Doomed Chest0.13%795
Veteran Bonecrusher Chest0.13%795
Veteran Zealous Chest0.13%795
Crystal Spider0.12%858
Avalonian Treasure Drone0.12%867
Veteran Condemned Chest0.1%1051
Elite Zealous Enforcer0.09%1126
Elite Zealous Marksman0.09%1126
Elite Zealous Aspirant0.09%1126
Elite Zealous Champion0.09%1126
Elite Doomed Swordmaster0.09%1126
Elite Doomed Deathmaster0.09%1126
Elite Earthkeeper Brave0.09%1126
Elite Earthkeeper Axemaiden0.09%1126
Elite Earthkeeper Sage0.09%1126
Elite Earthkeeper Greybeard0.09%1126
Avalonian Treasure Drone0.08%1223
Elite Bonecrusher Patriarch0.08%1228
Elite Bonecrusher Savant0.08%1228
Uncle Frost0.08%1228
Elite Bonecrusher Elder0.08%1228
Elite Bonecrusher Earthmother0.08%1228
Veteran Obsessed Captain0.07%1463
Veteran Obsessed Prioress0.07%1463
Veteran Obsessed Chosen0.07%1463
Veteran Obsessed Tormentor0.07%1463
Pathfinder Centurion0.07%1463
Pathfinder Great Mage0.07%1463
Pathfinder Ascetic0.07%1463
Elite Condemned Swordmaster0.07%1489
Elite Condemned Sharpshooter0.07%1489
Elite Condemned Deathmaster0.07%1489
Avalonian Treasure Drone0.05%1869
Veteran Mad Shadowmask0.05%1901
Veteran Rockgrinder Elder0.05%1901
Veteran Haunted Deathlord0.05%1901
Veteran Haunted Governor0.05%1901
Veteran Obsessed Tormentor0.05%1901
Veteran Obsessed Raven0.05%1901
Veteran Mad Chops0.05%1901
Veteran Mad Weaponsmaster0.05%1901
Veteran Rockgrinder Chieftain0.05%1901
Veteran Rockgrinder Elder0.05%1901
Veteran Haunted Deathlord0.05%1901
Veteran Haunted Ghast0.05%1901
Veteran Haunted Governor0.05%1901
Veteran Obsessed Tormentor0.05%1901
Veteran Obsessed Raven0.05%1901
Avalonian Treasure Drone0.05%2008
Veteran Zealous Enforcer0.04%2289
Veteran Zealous Marksman0.04%2289
Veteran Zealous Aspirant0.04%2289
Veteran Zealous Champion0.04%2289
Veteran Obsessed Chest0.04%2684
Avalonian Focus0.03%2994

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