Master's Witchwork Staff (T6)

Equipment Item

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Item Value2,488
Crafting Fame4,820
Slot Typemainhand
Max Quality Level5
Ability Power120
Attack Typemagic
Attack Damage23
Attach Range9
Two Handedfalse
Active Spell Slots3
Passive Spell Slots1
Item Power980



Energy Bolt

Deals magic damage to a single enemy. The less energy the enemy has, the higher the damage. Minimum Damage (above 80% energy left): -97.40 Maximum Damage (below 20% energy left): -140.69 Against creatures: Always deals -108.23 damage Energy Cost: 3 Cast time: 1.2 Range: 11 Cooldown: 0

Arcane Protection

Casts a shield on an ally that absorbs 169.59 of damage before Armor and lasts for 4. Additionally, if the target is wearing plate armor, the target's threat generation is doubled, and if the target is wearing any other type of armor, the target's threat generation is halved. Energy Cost: 6 Cast time: 0 Range: 9 Cooldown: 5



Deals -103.11 magical damage, and increases the enemy's damage taken by -0.40 for 5. Energy Cost: 9 Cast Time: 1.5 Range: 11 Cooldown: 10

Energy Beam

Forbidden arcane magic, which drains energy of a target. Can be cast on enemies or allies. When cast on an enemy: It drains -5 energy from the enemy and you restore 10 energy per second. Keeps draining as long as the enemy has more than 15% energy left. When cast on an ally: You lose -5 energy and the ally restores 10 energy per second. Energy Cost: 0 Cast time: Channeled Range: 11 Cooldown: 10

Empowering Beam

Channeled beam which increases the damage of an ally. The longer the beam is channeled, the stronger the damage buff becomes, starting with 20% and going up to 100%. Channeling lasts for up to null seconds. Energy Cost: 13 Cast time: channeled Range: 9 Cooldown: 15

Motivating Cleanse

Increases an ally's movement speed by 0.20 for 5. Also removes any movement-impairing and debuff effects from the target, and allies in close proximity. (Doesn't remove damage over time spells.) Energy Cost: 10 Cast time: instant Range: 9 Cooldown: 15

Arcane Purge

Removes all positive status effects of an enemy. Energy Cost: 9 Cast time: 1 Range: 9 Cooldown: 15


Black Hole

A black hole, that pulls any enemy caught into its center, and then collapses dealing -161.15 damage and slowing them by -0.16 for 5. Energy Cost: 18 Cast time: instant Range: 11 Cooldown: 20



Every 5 spell attacks, your next normal attack will silence the enemy for 1.25.


Every normal attack, you restore 1.24 energy.

Aggressive Caster

Every 4 activated spells, you gain a cast speed buff of 0.4 for 3.


Every 5 activated spells, your resistances are increased by 0.24 for 3.