Master's Tombhammer (T6)

Equipment Item

Market Prices

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Item Value2,984
Crafting Fame6,260
Max Quality Level5
Ability Power120
Slot Typemainhand
Attack Typemelee
Attack Damage59
Two Handedtrue
Attach Range3
Active Spell Slots3
Passive Spell Slots1
Max HP200
Item Power980
HP Regen0.2
Focus Fire Protection Penetration0.3



Bash Knee

Instantly slows the target enemy for -0.32 for 3, and also deals -55.58 null damage. Energy Cost: 3 Cast time: instant Range: melee Cooldown: 3

Threatening Strike

An attack that increases your generated threat for 3, and deals -100.04 damage. Energy Cost: 5 Cast time: instant Range: melee Cooldown: 3

Iron Breaker

Slams the hammer in the ground in front of the caster. Reduces resistances by -0.12 for 5 and deals -77.08 physical damage to all enemies in a 3m radius. Energy Cost: 5 Cast time: instant Range: melee Cooldown: 5


Heavy Cleave

Unleashes a heavy attack that deals -271.95 damage to all enemies in front of you. Energy Cost: 14 Cast time: 1 Range: melee Cooldown: 15

Slowing Charge

Dash to a ground target destination. While you are dashing, you will slow all enemies on your way by -0.50 for 3. Energy Cost: 11 Cast time: instant Range: 12 Cooldown: 15

Power Geyser

After a short delay, a 3 radius Power Geyser will break through at the desired ground target. The geyser knocks all enemies into the air, and knocks group members 8 away. Deals -55.04 magical damage to enemies. Energy Cost: 10 Cast time: instant Range: 11 Cooldown: 10


Attacks target's head, striking for -56.67 damage, and putting the target to sleep. The sleep breaks on damage. Sleep Duration vs Players; 4.36 Sleep Duration vs Mobs; 8.72 Energy Cost: 12 Cast time: instant Range: melee Cooldown: 15


Grasp of the Undead

Send a giant Undead Hand out in front of you. On hit, the enemy and all enemies in close proximity will be rooted for 4.58, and receive -81.22 damage. Energy Cost: 15 Cast time: instant Range: 26 Cooldown: 15


Stunning Strike

Every 5 normal attacks, your attack stuns the enemy for 0.43.


Every normal attack, you restore 1.74 energy.

Life Leech

Every normal attack, you restore 5.86 health.

Dreadladen Fighting

Every 4 normal attacks, your Crowd Control effects are increased by 0.5 for 2.