Adept's Rampant Staff (T4)

Equipment Item

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Item Value1,448
Crafting Fame980
Max Quality Level5
Ability Power120
Slot Typemainhand
Attack Typemagic
Attack Damage23
Attach Range9
Two Handedtrue
Active Spell Slots3
Passive Spell Slots1
Item Power980




Heals allies for 7.75 per second for 8 seconds. This effect can be stacked up to 3 times. If it is reapplied on maximum stacks, all stacks are consumed and you restore 7 energy. Energy Cost: 3 Cast time: instant Range: 9 Cooldown: 1.3

Rejuvenating Mushroom

Creates a small spell area on the ground, which lasts for up to 20. If an ally steps onto it, the area explodes and applies a Rejuvenation charge on up to 5 allies in a 5 radius. Energy Cost: 6 Cast time: 0 Range: 15 Cooldown: 3


Poison Thorns

Poisons the target and all enemies within a 3 radius. When poisoned, every enemy suffers -12.83 Magical damage per second for 7 seconds. (This spell can be stacked up to 3 times.) Energy Cost: 4 Cast time: 1 Range: 9 Cooldown: 0


Revitalize yourself or your allies directly by restoring 57.59 health immediately, and then 4.94 every second for 5 seconds. Energy Cost: 9 Cast time: 1 Range: 11 Cooldown: 7

Cleanse Heal

Heals a friendly target for 9.48 per second for null. Also removes any movement-impairing and debuff effects from the target, and allies in close proximity. (Doesn't remove damage over time spells.) Energy Cost: 9 Cast time: instant Range: 11 Cooldown: 15

Protection of Nature

Cast on you or an ally. Increases resistances by 0.24, and increases healing received by 0.50, for 8. Energy Cost: 12 Cast time: 0 Range: 11 Cooldown: 15


Spirit Animal

Summons a Spirit Animal which leaves behind a trail of healing grass. This grass lasts for 9s and heals up to 10 allies. The base healing is 8 per second, but the effect is increased by 50% per additional ally on the target - so the more allies standing on it, the stronger the healing grows. Energy Cost: 18 Cast time: instant Range: 25 Cooldown: 45


Adrenaline Driven Charity

Every 4 activated spells, your Heals become 0.2 stronger. The buff lasts for 3.


Every normal attack, you restore 1.24 energy.


Every 5 activated spells, your resistances are increased by 0.24 for 3.

Hit & Run

Every 6 activated spells, your movement speed is increased by 0.2 for 3.